A German Wine + German Food Pairing

in celebration of our 3 year anniversary!


SOLD OUT: Tues. Nov. 2nd, 2021 @ 6pm
LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Wed. Nov. 3rd, 2021 @ 6pm

Weingut Zähringer Winery + Second Glass Restaurant
teamed up together to incorporate a German focused menu
paired with a legendry German winery established in 1844

Hosted by Markus Zahringer – 6th generation

Reservations Required

5 courses + 5 wines
$100 (not including tax/tip)


1st course:
Baked Local Oysters – Leeks + Emmentaler Cheese
& 2018 Zähringer Crémant Extra Brut, Baden, Germany


2nd course:
Maultaschen Ravioli – Apples + Spinach + Bacon
& 2020 Zahringer Muskateller, Baden, Germany


3rd course:
Beet + Berry Terrine – Quark Cheese
& 2019 Zahringer Cuvee Rouge, Baden, Germany


4th course:
Jagerschnitzel – Spaetzle + Greens
& 2019 Zahringer Spatburgunder, Baden, Germany


5th course:
Bienenstich Bee Sting Cake – Lingonberry + Vanillesosse
& 2019 Zahringer Weissburgunder Sonnhohle, Baden, Germany


About the Vineyard

The Zähringer vinery, founded in 1844, is currently being lead in 6th generation by Fabian Zähringer. In a pursuit of highest quality standards and in harmony with nature, all wines are organic since 1986, making us a pioneer in the region and beyond. In 2009 we increased standards even more to become fully biodynamic and demeter certified, one of the strictest certifications. Calling Baden our home, we grow our vines in Germany’s warmest region, in close proximity to France and Switzerland.


Reservations to this event are required — please reserve your spot by filling out the link below.