How sea beans and a UNC Wilmington program are helping sustain aquaculture

Sips, sustainability and the sea? Yes, please! Special thanks to one of our favorite regulars, Lloyd Singleton for featuring us in such a spectacular article! We’re proud to support Wilmington’s vibrant community by sourcing many of our ingredients locally.

Check out the full article to learn about UNCW’s Aquaculture program, which provides us with sustainably and locally produced delicacies like our Black Sea Bass and sea beans.

Black sea bass ceviche from fish comes straight from the UNCW aquaculture program from our Spring 2022 Menu.

“My interest was piqued when enjoying a meal at a favorite fine-dining establishment in my South Front neighborhood, The Second Glass. The delicious entrée was a delicately mild-flavored fish, a Black Sea Bass.

It was accompanied by a fresh salad of locally produced lettuces, dressed with a champagne vinaigrette and topped with a vegetable new to me: sea beans.

A mention of locally produced aquaculture in the menu description prompted my inquiry; I was enthusiastically informed by the well-informed staff that both the sea bass and the sea beans are a product of our local University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Aquaculture program.”

Lloyd Singleton for StarNews

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